They’re only lambs, just common sheep, Their coats are woolly, warm and deep. Through fields of green they roam at will They wander on the plain and hill To find the tender shoots of grass; Contentedly their days they pass. Then when the field is bare, they’re lead To verdant ground where they’ll be fed. […]

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Lambs of God in Creation

Lambs mean a lot to me because they are a special gift to the world. A lamb is a young sheep. It is less than one year old and without permanent teeth. In the Bible, the people used the flesh of the lamb as food and the wool of the lamb to make clothes. Lambs […]

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The Lamb

A lamb is a young sheep. Lambs need to be led, which is always why they have a shepherd. They can be easily killed by larger animals. They are gentle creatures. A lamb never makes a sound when they shear his wool. The lamb was always used for burnt offer­ings, and usually could not have […]

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