Genesis 31

Genesis 31 A. Jacob’s complaint—verses 1-8. a. Why had Laban’s countenance changed?—verse 2. What do we read of Laban’s sons? Why did they complain? Were they carnal as their father, afraid, perhaps, that their inheritance was suffering? b. Who commanded Jacob to return to the land of his fathers? Would Jacob’s departure be difficult and […]

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Genesis 28-30

Genesis 28 A. Isaac blesses Jacob and sends him to Padanaram. 1. Introduction a. Jacob obtained Isaac’s blessing through fraud. We mean that Jacob deceived his father, regardless now of the question whether Isaac was actually deceived or not. b. What does this emphasize? It emphasizes that God blessed Jacob in spite of his fraud. […]

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Genesis 24-26

Genesis 24 This chapter relates God’s faithful fulfilling of His promise to Abraham in His supplying for Isaac a God-fearing wife. God’s promise to Abraham was, centrally, the Christ, including the promises of the land of Canaan (Gen. 13:15), of an innumerable posterity (Gen. 13:16) and of the blessing of the nations of the earth […]

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