Hero Worship or Honor

The assassination of the late President J.F. Kennedy has provided the news media with an abundance of material.  Every newspaper and news periodical carried comment of varying proportion concerning the late president and prediction concerning that which is to come. “It was the best of times, it was the worst of time…” and in these […]

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The Year in Retrospect

Perhaps the greatest disadvantage faced by the writer of this department is that of meeting a deadline for the editor, a month before publication of each issue.  This is bad for at least two reasons.  First, the news is often old and well-discussed before it appears in Current Comments and the comments tend to be […]

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By Way of Introduction

Those of you who have been readers of BeacBy on Lights for any length of time probably gave nod of recognition to the heading this department.  Current Comments is back again.  Perhaps many of you thought it was dead and now has been resurrected.  In a sense that is true.  But we would rather compare […]

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