Acts 15:36-18:22

(Heretofore we have considered the dispute leading up to this council of Jerusalem. We next began to consider the council itself. And thus far we have considered the member ship of the council. We continue from this point.) B. Deliberations of the Council, vs. 6-21. 1. In general: a. What does the first part of […]

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Acts 15:1-35

INTRODUCTION The material of this section constitutes a sort of interlude in the narrative of the mission labors of the Apostle Paul and of the Antioch Church. And yet it would be a mistake to separate the events narrated here from that mission labor among the Gentiles, or, in fact, from the history of the […]

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Lesson XXXVI PAUL AND BARNABAS ASSAULTED BY THE JUDAIZERS Acts 15:1-5 I.  In Antioch of Syria: vss. 1, 2 A.  Occasion. 1. Barnabas and Paul had reported to the brethren of their preaching of the gospel to the Gentiles.  This report must have been brought by someone to Jerusalem to the church there.  (A parallel […]

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