Study Guide on the Book of Judges (3)

Week 10 Judges 9:1-57: Abimelech’s Sinful Kingship By defending Israel and governing her, the judges were like kings. But whereas the office of king in Israel/Judah would later be perpetual, passed from father to son, the position of judge was not perpetual. While God accomplished great deliverances though Israel’s judges, it was more and more […]

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OUTLINE XVIII (Judges 10:10-16) “Cry Unto Your Gods” Introduction: The first part of this chapter tells us three things: 1. Vss. 1-5, forty-five years of rest and prosperity under two judges.  Vs. 4 is a pastoral scene, one of prosperity and quiet.  2. Vs. 6, that, partly as abuse of this period, partly as result […]

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Jephthah’s Vow and His Faith Heroism

In Judges 11 we read the history of one of Israel’s heroes of faith.  Hebrews 11 speaks of him as belonging to that series of great men who through faith subdued kingdoms, wrought righteousness, obtained promises and stopped the mouths of lions.  And Scripture goes on to tell us of the works of this man […]

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