Tulip (5)

The pleasant clink of ice cubes in glasses of lemonade added to the refreshing break that Krystal and her family enjoyed together. Much work around the house and yard had been done, but much work was still left to do. “Another letter?” Father asked. “Yes,” said Mother, “we’re up to the I in TULIP—irresistible grace.” […]

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An Irresistible Need

                             Many years ago I was sitting in a religion class with a Protestant                         Reformed friend when the religion professor, who was also a                         minister, said concerning man and God’s grace, “What makes a                         man different from all the other animals is that he can say ‘no’                         to God.”   We […]

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Irresistible Grace

The truth of God’s irresistible grace is represented by the fourth letter, “I”, of the word TULIP. That the grace of God is irresistible follows, inexorably, from the truths of God’s sovereign predestination, limited or particular atonement and total and absolute depravity, even as it is just as true that the Armenians must conclude that […]

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