God’s Controversy with Israel (7)

III. The Warning to Judah Against Apostasy and Judgment B. Avoid Profane Swearing 1. As swearing trivially, rashly, falsely, deceitfully            “Do not swear, ‘Yehovah hay’” i.e. Jehovah lives! Or Jehovah is living!  What is forbidden here is the not using God’s name as required, i.e., not exalting His good name alone.  One may not […]

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God’s Controversy with Israel

II. D. The worst judgment: divine abandonment (17) “Ephraim is joined to idols: let him alone.” The Lord does not intend to lead Israel to repentance. For His decree is, Conscience, let him alone; Ministers, let him alone; Spirit of God in the Word, let him alone. There comes a day, too, when godly parents […]

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