Interview with Mr. Terry Elzinga

January 5, 2009 Mr. Terry Elzinga, Zeeland, Michigan   MHH:  Mr. Elzinga, where and when were you born? TE:  I was born in September of 1940, in Borculo, Michigan. MHH:  Who were your parents? TE:  My parents were Tom and Edith Elzinga. MHH:  Where did you grow up? TE:  When I was about four months […]

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The Protestant Reformed Young People’s Societies

First Church Senior Young People’s Society First Church Senior Young People’s Society has 24 members and is led by Ed Ophoff, Jr., our Bible leader and Presi­dent. This year we have chosen Corin­thians for our Bible study. We chose Corinthians because we feel that the letters of the Apostle Paul are very applicable to our […]

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A Reformation in Holland

The controversy of 1924 was the cause of much agitation in the fair city of Holland, Michigan.  Many were dissatisfied with the action of the Synod of the Christian Reformed Church.  This was to be expected for several of these individuals had heard the Biblical Reformed preaching of the Rev. H. Hoeksema for over four […]

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