A Habit Letter to My Grandchildren

Dear Grandchildren: All people are creatures of habit, and that, of course, includes you boys and girls.  What does that mean?  Well, the way you always tie your shoe laces is a habit.  When you first had to learn that tricky task you were shown how.  Then you tried it, and tried it a second […]

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Good Habits

Do you have any bad habits? We commonly speak of habits as being either good or bad, and by habits we sometimes mean practices which, through constant repetition, are done without a conscious act of the will. Habits may also refer to the manner in which we go about the routine matters of our life. […]

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The Formidable Habit

The question preponderant in my mind and also motivating me to write this time on this subject is: “Is there place for habit in Christian Living?” Particu­larly does this question come to my at­tention now because the habits (?) of the covenant youth obviously change with the seasons. Summer time is here and consequently our […]

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