Genesis 47-50

(Continued from last issue) b. Joseph took the initiative to have Jacob and his family settle in the land of Goshen. 1) He instructed his brethren to ask for this land. a) It would best fulfill their needs materially and spiritually. b) Even though Joseph was ruler, his father and brethren were guests in Egypt. […]

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Genesis 46, 47

3. Participants in this Descent  a. The general statement is made in Gen. 46:5-7, 26, 27.  b. The number was 70 souls: Jacob and his sons. 1) Of the children of Leah: 6 sons, 23 grandsons, 1 daughter (Dinah, unmarried) total 32. 2) Of the children of Zilpah (Leah’s maid): 2 sons, 11 grandsons, 2 […]

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