Lay Helpers to Missionary

We have had inquiries as to exactly what will be the labors of the voluntary helpers on the field in Ghana. So we desire to use this means to explain further what we believe will make up some of these labors. In the first place we believe the chief reason to have these lay helpers […]

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Dear Sir, I am with much pleasure to write you from Ghana. How are you sir? Hope by the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, you are fine as I am here. This is my first time I am writing you. Please sir, I like you a penpal and am sure that you too like […]

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It’s A Small World After All

Ghana? Where’s that?” My dad has always had this way of being subtle. I have to ask specific questions if I want to know the details. He had just told me that he and my mom were going to Ghana. He answered my question by pointing silently to a place on the globe that we […]

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