Making Geography Live

Generally, one could say that geography is a burdensome task for the average student.  It appears to be a boring, tiresome subject to most students, but why?  I would like to give some possible reasons for this problem. First of all, I think that geography tends to be stagnant.  To explain further – to the […]

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Enjoying Geography

Geography should he one of the most enjoyable subjects studied in school. For the pupil who, in the light of the Scriptures, can view God’s creation and see His greatness and His glory in it, geography provides endless opportunities to praise his Maker. His heart overflows with joy and he says with the psalmist: “O […]

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Stewards of God’s Rich Creation

The concept of stewardship presupposes ownership — and possessions which are entrusted to another. All things belong to God because He caused them to be by the word of His Power and gives them continued existence. The Creator is the absolute Owner, and creation reveals His handiwork and proclaims unto us His Godhead, His greatness, […]

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