Reading Maketh a Full Man

Lying near the edge of my desk is a pile of thirty-seven church history tests covering such errors as Socinianism, Unitarianism, Modernism, and Method­ism. Had I not taken time to read last night and this morning the stack of papers would be graded and would be filed away so that they could be returned to […]

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Concerning: Temperance Preaching (2)

In our former instalment in this de­partment (see January issue of Beacon Lights) we listened in to a controversial discussion, between two ministers in a mid-western town, on the subject of “temperance” and “temperance-preach­ing”. The one minister we have called the Rev. Fundamentalist, the other the Rev. Reformed-Calvinist. The Rev. F. is very much in […]

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Concerning: Temperance-Preaching

Two ministers are sitting together on a fine winter afternoon in the parsonage of a church in a mid-western town. They are ministers of two different church denominations. The one pastor is mak­ing a call at the home of the other. At several occasions these two men had met during the past year. Not only […]

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