I Samuel 5 – 6

A.  The Ark in Philistia. 1.          The ark in the house of Dagon: a.     How did the Philistines account for their victory over Israel? Cf. Judges 16:23. b.     What was the real cause of their victory (Deut. 28:25, 26; Judges 2:14, 15)? c.     Why did they place the ark in the house of their god, […]

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OUTLINE XXIII (Judges 15:9-17) Judah Sells Her Deliverer Introduction:  The latter part of the last chapter and the first part of this chapter relate two of Samson’s skirmishes with the uncircumcised.  Certainly in those days there were no pitched battles possible and therefore Samson availed himself of every opportunity to strike at the enemies of […]

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