Acts 10:1 – 11:18

III. The Conjunction of the Two Visions: (vss. 17-22) A. The Facts: 1. When do the messengers from Cornelius arrive? 2. How do they make inquiry for Peter? 3. Who instructs Peter as to their arrival? What is meant by “the Spirit said unto him”? 4. What does the Spirit tell Peter to do? Why […]

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Acts 10:1 to 1:18

Introductory Remarks: We have given to this section the title, “The Conversion of Cornelius.” And to be sure, that conversion of the Roman centurion is one of the main threads in this narrative. However, as we indicated in connection with the last part of chapter 9 already, there is a broader and greater significance to […]

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Acts 10:17 – 12:24

Outline XXVIII PETER AT TH E HOUSE OF CORNELIUS Acts 10:17-48   I.  His Journey Thither. Vss. 17-23. A.  In whose fellowship he travelled. 1.  There were the three men sent by Cornelius from Ceasarea to Joppa, a.  Two were household servants, vs. 7. b.  The one is a Roman soldier who feared God. 2.  […]

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