A Biblical Perspective on Climate Change

Last month we looked at climate change—what it is and how the world is responding to it. We also considered how God provides for life on earth through the greenhouse effect. This month we look at climate change with a biblical perspective. Although scripture does not directly address climate change, there are some biblical principles […]

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A Hot Topic

What is the second most popular item in the news beside the recent election and its aftermath? Climate change. Climate change is very politicized and fiercely contested. More and more it is a hot button issue that politicians feud over. Recall seeing any of these headlines? “Obama bans new oil drilling in Arctic Ocean,” “Trump […]

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Global Warming – What Do We Say?

The atmosphere is warming up, they say. We are in for some dramatic changes in weather in the years ahead. As a result, once fertile growing areas may become deserts. Plant life will shift toward the poles. Food shortages may bring hunger and starvation. Ocean currents will change, bringing disruption in ocean life and further […]

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