The Classics – Good or Bad (3)

Last month’s Feature: “Classics—Good or Bad” will be concluded this month under the above rubric. The Case for Classics in the School I should state at the outset that my argument will assume that the Christian School—The Protestant Reformed Christian School—cannot avoid using the classics in its instruction of the youth.  This is the word […]

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The Classics – Good or Bad? (2)

Literature Classified Literature has been classified in various ways by literary students. General classifications are classicism, Puritanism, neo-classicism, romanticism, and realism. To the student of literature these classifications have meaning and have assumed broader and more inclusive meanings because of his intimate knowledge of the many works that would be grouped under each general classification. […]

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The Classics – Good or Bad? (1)

Introduction The following article is a condensation of a speech which I made for the Mothers’ Circle for Protestant Reformed Secondary Education. I have been asked to condense this speech and hope that I can clearly present the arguments which I developed the evening I spoke to the women in this organization. The committee selected […]

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