My Heart’s at Liberty

Louise Harrison McCraw—Zondervan Publishing House—194 pp. The pride of the Old South has been shattered by the devastations of the Civil War.  Some of the landed aristocracy have doggedly held onto their ancestral upper class status in spite of the fact that plantations and plantation homes are a mere shadow of their grandeur and elegance […]

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Thanksgiving, 100 Years Ago

I was asked to write the Thanksgiving Day feature article for this “Beacon Lights” under the title “Thanksgiving Day, 100 Years Ago.” As I was looking around through the library for suitable material to write such an article, I came in six sermons delivered by several—outstanding pastors in the Episcopal Church delivered to their congregations […]

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Ashes of Yesterday

Ashes of Yesterday by Dan E. L. Patch published by Zondervan Publishing House. This Book is called an historical novel. The story begins with the birth of Grand­mother Thrillby on January 26, 1837 and takes the reader through her childhood, courtship, marriage, motherhood, and grandmotherhood with more or less scarcity of detail until it leaves […]

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