Looking at Change in the Church’s Liturgy

A church’s form of worship is called its liturgy. In our churches, liturgy includes prayers, songs, reading of the Scripture and of the Law or Apostles’ Creed, an invocation, a benediction, a sermon, an offering and most often an organ prelude and postlude. Have you ever thought of our services as such; a list of […]

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Here Today Gone Tomorrow

Day follows upon the night, season upon season, the naked tree is transformed into a verdant bough, the arid and parched land, scorched in the summer sun, becomes inundated in the abundant showers which follow. The long sunny days melt into the grasping hand of night. Such is the whispering voice of time sounding forth […]

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Is anything permanent? Can anything endure without change through ages of time? If we look around us, we must answer, nothing. The impermanence of all things, the transitory nature of all creatures has always plagued men’s minds since the beginning of time. Time moves on. One second follows another, day follows day, and year follows […]

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