Called to work

You’ve probably heard the word “vocation” before, particularly when people are talking about their work. Many Christians intentionally use this word when they describe their occupation because it correctly acknowledges that God provided them with the job they hold. When you read the word “vocation” throughout this issue of Beacon Lights, you can understand that […]

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What is God calling me to do? 

“So, what are you doing after high school?” You’ve probably been asked this question dozens of times if you’re graduating this year. Some of you have known the answer to this question since you were seven years old. Maybe you’ve always known you were going to be a teacher, a builder, a nurse, or a […]

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Thoughts on hiring by a small business owner

When my firm faces “capacity” issues, two main thoughts hit me. First, I am proud of my team providing a “wow” experience to our clients, prompting client referrals. This means we are succeeding. But second, it means it’s time for a necessary annoyance: hiring. Writing the job description, posting it online, reviewing resumes, multiple rounds […]

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