A History Letter to My Grandchildren

Dear Grandchildren: Every man or woman you see started life as a baby boy or girl. “Of course,” you say. But when you look at your father or mother do you remember that they know what they are talking about when they teach you in the way that you should walk? They learned from their […]

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Born to Die

What strange talk. Are we not born to live? Does not birth imply a coming into being? What does death have to do with birth? Death is the curse of God for sin. We all die, and death is inevitable for everyone. In this sense we all are born to die. Physical death is present […]

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God in Our Flesh – Why?

There have been many critical moments in the history of the world, moments when the fate of nations was at stake, times when the very existence of civilization seemed to hang by a slender thread. Historians have given much attention to these momentous periods for their significance is great indeed. The period of cultural development […]

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