Standing in Awe Before Our God

There are two verses in the book of Psalms, young people, that we must hold onto with heart, mind, soul and strength.  The first verse in this group is Psalm 4:4 where we read: “Stand in awe and sin not:  commune with your heart upon your bed, and be still.  Selah.”  (By the way, the […]

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The New English Bible

Set your troubled hearts at rest.  Trust in God always; trust also in me.   These words are quoted from one of today’s best sellers which I have before me on my desk.  This is one of the most recent translations from the original Greek as it was inspired by the Spirit of God.  This […]

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Various Versions and their Values

Originally, as most of us must know, the Old Testament Scriptures were written in the Hebrew language. As early as the year 300 B.C. all the books bad been written, gathered and, by the careful judgment and general consensus of the church herself com piled into what we now know as the O.T. Canon. The […]

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