Genesis 43, 44

The Second Meeting of Joseph and His Brothers I.   The trip to Egypt of the brothers, including Benjamin (Gen. 43) A.  Jacob permits Benjamin to accompany the brothers to Egypt (vss. 1-14) 1.  It is Judah who takes the lead in persuading Jacob to let Benjamin go (vs. 3). a.  Evidently, Judah has the preeminence […]

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Genesis 41, 42

3) Any sense in which the famine can be said to have been for the good also of the heathen nations that felt its sting.  At this time? In their generations? (Consider them once as “Gentiles.”) c.  Is it essential to maintain that not things in themselves but God’s purpose with all things determines whether […]

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Genesis 35, 36

Chapter 35 1. Jacob fulfills his vow at Bethel, vss. 1-15 A. Jacob goes to Bethel at God’s command 1. Jacob’s Sinful Negligence: a. Where does Bethel enter the picture earlier in Jacob’s life? 1. What had taken place there? 2. What was the significance of Bethel at this time? 3. What did it imply […]

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