A Woman of Many Names: Judges 4–5

A Woman of Many Names: Judges 4–5 Annica Kuiper   For years now, she has listened for the Voice. Sometimes it came out of the whirlwind. Sometimes it came still and small. And sometimes it came with the thunderings of Sinai. In the beginning, it was a quiet Voice. Calling her to do quiet work—speaking, […]

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Depression and Anxiety

Depression and Anxiety Lisa DeBoer   Note: I am not dispensing medical advice in this article, and what I write here should not be substituted for clinical treatment by a medical doctor and/or clinical counselor. Further, I cannot possibly cover every aspect of this sensitive and complex subject in an article. Entire books have been […]

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The Believer’s Battle Plan

Every soldier in the U.S. Army can appreciate a seasoned general’s battle plan, one that pinpoints the enemy’s defenses and places him in the best position to gain the field.  Every collegiate basketball player can appreciate a savvy, veteran coach’s game plan, one that shows how best to stifle the opponent on the defensive end […]

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