Patriarchy From Athens to Today

It may be one’s lot in life to live in the midst of a patriarchal society. Many converts in the New Testament did. Does patriarchy exist today? The roots of Christian patriarchy follow out of the world’s patriarchy, so it is good to trace its path. Last time we saw that Aristotle’s ideas dominated society […]

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Doug Phillips, Doug Wilson, R. C. Sproul Jr., Steven Wilkins, Bill Gothard, the late Rousas Rushdooney and others are involved with the promotion of the ideal of Christian patriarchy. They did not dream patriarchy up by themselves. To understand their Christian patriarchy we need to look at patriarchy as the world defines it because these […]

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Christian Psychology (1)

Just recently a new field of discipline has appeared on the scene which has captivated the interest of many religious groups and churches: Psychology. It has always been a subject of man’s interest ever since his creation, but even more so now. It has been called by such names as Philosophy, Theology (either religious or […]

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