The Apologists (3)

JUSTIN MARTYR. – One of the first of the Apologists worth considering was Justin Martyr. It would be more proper to call him, “Justin, The Martyr”. His last name was not Martyr. The word “martyr” was added to his name because he died as a martyr. Justin was born between the years 114 and 165 […]

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The Apologists (2)

As we remarked last month, the false doctrines which spurred the early New Testament Church on to Scripture-study and the formulation of new confessions of the truth centered chiefly around the doctrine of Christ. This is to be expected, for Christianity centers around Him and professes Him to be the only begotten Son of God […]

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The Apologists (1)

We have called your attention to the fact that during the Apostolic Age there was little doctrinal development in the church. The Apostles had spoken infallibly by the power of the Spirit Who was upon them, and their immediate successors, the Apostolic Fathers who were not infallibly guided, merely repeated their teachings with little attempt […]

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