Acts 18:22 to 23:30

The Book of Acts: Paul’s Third Missionary Journey (continued) III. The Journey to Jerusalem, 20:7 – 21:16 (continued) D.  From Miletus to Tyre, 21:1-6 1.  Trace Paul’s journey from Miletus to Tyre, vss. 1-2 a.   Did Paul travel in a small ship that hugged the coast, or did he travel in a large merchant […]

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Lesson XLVIII PAUL’S FAREWELL VISIT TO MACEDONIA AND GREECE Acts 20:1-16 Paul’s Itinerary: Ephesus-Macedonia-(Illyricum) Greece-Troas, vss. 1-6.  This is very briefly described by Luke.  We notice the following: 1. Description of journey from Ephesus to Greece-Corinth. “And when he had gone through those parts and had given much exhortation, he came into Greece.”  In this […]

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