Spiritual accountability

In last month’s issue of Beacon Lights, I noted a recent sermon on Ephesians 5 that described three different characteristics of faithful church members. Such people are sober, they sing the truths of God’s word to one another, and they submit to one another (vv. 18–21). Last month the value of singing was discussed at […]

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Consider the Consequences

Do you realize that the decisions you make today will have a great effect on your future? With this fact before our minds, we suddenly come face to face with the importance of all of our decisions. We have a responsibility, not only to ourselves and our families, but also before the face of the […]

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A Debate (1)

The scene of this debate may be in any of our Young People’s Societies, either here in Michigan or as far west as Bell­flower, California. However, I like to think of it as being conducted in a so­ciety of one of our mid-western churches on a Sunday evening. (Sunday evening is the set time for […]

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