Christianizing the World? (1)

Is this the calling of the church? Is this the calling of the Reformed young man or woman? Is this the purpose of the Christian education of Reformed young people, especially of the higher education of Reformed young people? If we are to believe the Christian Reformed Church, especially its high schools and colleges, including […]

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Abraham Kuyper

Heather is a member of Hudsonville Protestant Reformed Church in Hudsonville, Michigan. She wrote this paper for Mr. VanUffelen’s Church History class at Covenant Christian High School. Abraham Kuyper was a person that influenced many. Through his preaching, teachings, and writings many were moved and converted. Also, many started to question whether other teachings of […]

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A Study of Common Grace

I feel that as Protestant Reformed young people we need to delve into the doctrine of God’s grace and the doctrine of total depravity. We must be aware of how it is distorted by “common grace”. To do this, I am going to quote considerably from our Reformed fathers. Today, the Arminian view of common […]

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