Young People in the Life of the Church

As a young person, I sometimes find myself asking questions like, “How am I benefiting the church?” or, “Are young people like myself important in the life of the church?”  Even at a young age, we have been taught that each member of the church is important in fulfilling God’s purpose. Each one of us […]

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Personal Reading and Studying

As Christians we are called to serve in the church. We are constantly reminded that each member has a specific purpose or job that is essential to the rest of the members in the body. What is our role as young people in the church? We do not have large funds to contribute, nor do […]

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Supporting Kingdom Causes By Giving

How can a young person support the causes of God’s kingdom by way of giving?  As children and young people in the church, we do not commonly have much money at our disposal.  Does that also mean we don’t have much responsibility to support the kingdom by giving?  What is our calling here as young […]

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