60 Years Ago – Beacon Lights Looks Back

“The Publication Committee of the P.R.Y.P.F. takes great pleasure in introducing the first issue of our new periodical into your midst.” (With these words written ten years ago, the Beacon Lights began its work among the Protestant Reformed young people. And Beacon Lights was organized to serve definite purpose, which was aptly expressed in the first editorial: Beacon Lights purposes […]

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A Reminder – Be Carefree

The new year is upon us. What did you think New Year’s morning? While you waited for the bells and whistles that sounded the beginning of a new year, or while you slept away the waning hours of the old year and slept through the dawning hours of the first day of the new year, […]

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Christian Living

Never does the difference between the church and the world, the Christian and the unbeliever, reveal itself more strikingly than it does on New Years Eve, the night of December 31. In its vain and foolish attempt to banish from its mind all thoughts of the end and in its anticipation of a new year […]

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