True to the Faith

Dear Young People, I was asked to write an article on how life in general was for a young person in the church of my day. I am thankful that the Lord, in His eternal counsel, had my parents included in that little mission station that met in River Bend, Hope, some sixty years ago. […]

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The Covenant Faithfulness of God

Have you ever traveled, possibly through the western states viewing the beautiful mountains and bountiful plains, or toured the north-eastern states with their autumn colors and beauty as God alone can make them? Upon a safe return, did you relive all the pleasant memories and experiences over and over again? I think we all have. […]

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Why Protestant Reformed?

I was asked to write an article on how we came into the Protestant Reformed Churches, and this I will try to do. I was born into the Lutheran Church, and grew to young manhood within that church. My wife was born and raised in the German Reformed Church. Although you have two different denominations […]

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