Dordt College

In the middle of the cows, pigs, corn, and manure of northwest Iowa lies the beautiful 45-acre campus of Dordt College. Dordt is located in Sioux Center, Iowa, a growing city of about 5000. Dordt has approximately 1100 stu­dents, some of whom have come from many differ­ent countries, such as Nigeria, The Netherlands, Canada, Honduras, […]

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Calvin College

Many of you are asking yourselves, “What do I do after high school gradu­ation? Where will I work, or where should I go to school to prepare myself for a future career?” I challenge those of you who are making such decisions to consider a Christian college such as Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, […]

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Trinity Christian College

Driving through the suburb of Palos Heights, Illinois, a visitor could very easily pass the campus of Trinity Chris­tian College and not even realize that he/she had done so. Tucked between a small patch of woods and a quiet subdivision, the beautiful campus stretches over what used to be a golf course. The college is […]

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