Little Lights: The Psalter (6)

The 1912 Psalter was the product of nine denominations working together to provide a single Psalter for use in their congregations. The times have been few when God has given so many Reformed denominations to work together. Yet, even then, three of the nine denominations were already moving toward hymn-singing along with psalm-singing in church. […]

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The Psalter (3): The Geneva Psalter

The Wittenberg Hymnal was comprised of songs that were inspired by the Psalms and other parts of the Bible, but they were not as close word-for-word as possible. Nor did this songbook have a song and tune for every Psalm in the Bible.   When John Calvin fled to Strasburg, Germany in 1538, he set out […]

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The Psalter (2): Wittenberg Hymnal 

Before the Reformation, singing in church was often done by a group of performers instead of the whole congregation. The Reformers believed that the whole congregation should sing to give praise to God together and be an active part of worship.   By 1524, only seven years after the Reformation began, Martin Luther, working with a […]

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