Drama: A Form of Education

We feel that the subject of dramatics is a very timely one. Timely, because it presents a very real problem for every ­one of us. For you who are still in school, the semi-annual plays which, are given render an opportunity for you to participate in them. For you who are no longer in school, […]

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Leaving the Middle Road

In a recent letter published in behalf of our Radio Broadcasting, an attempt was made to set forth our specific calling in this connection. Furthermore, a para­graph was included to disclose the man­ner in which we are fulfilling that call­ing. (The full text of the letter referred to comes at the end of this article). […]

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The Glory of God – And Amusement

As you know the sub-heading of our general theme for this month’s issue is a frequently discussed matter. Nevertheless, it is but fitting that we include this subject under the discussion of the glory of God. Not only to make the scope of our general theme complete; but also due to the ease which our […]

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