Teaching Poetry

“Why do we have to read poetry?” “I hate to study poetry.” This is the refrain heard so often from the lips of school children, especially those in the junior high grades. What is the matter with these children? Possibly the difficulty lies in the poetry rather than the children. Still another possibility exists – […]

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The Purpose of the Radio Committee

The purpose of the Radio Committee as stated in their constitution is to direct and advance the Reformed Witness Hour. The Committee is made up of 13 to 15 members as the need may be. These members are elected by the Committee and are subject to consistorial approval. They must be members of First Church […]

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Drama – Should We Use It? – Yes!

“A composition in prose or verse portraying life or character by means of dialogue and action,” is Webster’s definition of drama. He goes on to distinguish plays as those for reading (known as closet dramas) and those meant for acting. Drama had its beginning many hundreds of years ago, even before the birth of Christ. […]

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