There was a time when friendship was a fairly simple relationship. A friend was someone you liked and who liked you, someone with whom you shared your feelings and experiences and spent a good deal of time. Today it seems that friendship is much more complicated. People try to attach too many strings to it. […]

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For the Love of Money

“Money isn’t everything, but it sure beats whatever comes in second place.” Light-hearted as this statement seems, it is really the feeling of most people today. Rising costs of living and the desire to “beat the Joneses” result in an increasing demand for higher-paying jobs, while positions such as teaching and nursing are passed by. […]

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Honoring God’s Name

“Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain.” These words, which are read to us from the pulpit every Sunday, often tend to become a mere formality, so often repeated that, to many of us, they become customary, dull, and uninteresting. This is sadly borne out by the fact that […]

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