I have read some of the articles in the Beacon Lights, and it has occurred to me that most of them are “do’s” and “don’ts”.  The articles are usually very good in themselves, but as the “Beacon Lights” is a pamphlet for the youth, I feel that there should be more articles on why we don’t do something bad.  Or why we wouldn’t want to do something bad.

I feel that if people do have faith that the Bible is the law, they should want to strive to please the Lord by following His commandments.  I also know that kids don’t like to be denied some pleasures in life.  And they don’t like anyone telling them what to do.  This is wrong of course, but that’s why they need to have someone there to change their minds.  Just having authority saying, “THAT’S WICKED” does not do it.  Of course it should!!  But life isn’t that simple now, and it never was.


Dear fellow Peers,

Some of you take God so much for granted that you forget He’s here.  Let me tell you; God is real.  God is here, now, with you.  Being all knowing, He realizes why you do everything that you do.  He knows every trick you pull, and why you did it.  God sees you every time you make a conscious decision to go against His commandments.  And do you think He’s smiling, and saying, “O, my blessed child is sinning against me again; no big deal.”?

We know that the best of Christians cannot reach perfection in this life.  Every person is a sinner.  Yet, what is a Christian?  It is; someone who strives as hard as they can to love the Lord, keeps all of His commandments, and be repentant of their sins.

There is not a “happy medium”.  You either love God and live a life of standing up for Him in public, or you don’t care about God, (which is to hate) and have all of the puny pleasures of earth while at the same time giving up the non-comparable glories of Heaven.

God chose all His elect saints before the world began.  Yet we must not take this opportunity to claim that we don’t have to witness to others, because it won’t help.  God has chosen people to be saved through our example, and our witnessing!  Maybe God is using you to bring someone to faith.  Don’t give up!

Fellow peers, if you don’t stand up against the temptations of this world, you will most likely get caught deeper and deeper into a life of sin.  There won’t be true peace and contentment in your life ever, and the threat of everlasting damnation will be hovering over your head.  Hell is really there.  It’s worse than your most painful sickness, that the worst hangover, that your most embarrassing moment, that the time your girl or boyfriend broke off that “perfect” relationship.  It’s worse than physical labor till your muscles ache and your body cries for sleep.  And Hell is worse than any type of physical pain there is on this earth, or mental for that matter.

That is the just consequence of not living a life to glorify God.  But I told you that to make you think first about whether it will be Heaven or Hell for you.  When you become a true Christian you will realize that you love God not for the prize afterwards, but because He deserves every bit of honor and glory for everyone!

Some rock songs state that sex is like Heaven on earth.  The truth is, Heaven will be zillions of times better!  Maybe that example will help you realize how great it will be to glorify God and be pure, holy, sinless and worry-free in Heaven.

Earlier I wrote something to the effect that those who aren’t living their lives to God’s glory show that they hate God.  Is that you?  Can you love and care about God if you go out and get drunk whenever you feel like it, or alcohol is available?  Can you love God if you say every swear word in the book around your peers, all the time, just to be an all around “cool” person?  Can you pray and talk to God as your friend, savior and judge while keeping up an uncaring way of life that is to no one’s benefit and your destruction?  Or are you slowly drifting away from God?

Have you given up praying?  Do you feel that since you are this bad, you can’t be forgiven, and are ashamed to ask God’s forgiveness?  Or is everything on earth just way more fun?

Maybe you don’t feel the spiritual benefit that confiding in the Lord gives a person.  Have patience, it will come and you can only see it by looking in your past to see what God has done for you, and what blessings he has bestowed upon you.

Maybe you do feel the earthly “benefits” immediately when you serve the world.  Have you ever stopped to realize that the spiritual benefits last longer and will always be there for you, while the earthly “benefits” fade and disappear almost immediately?  It’s true.  So true!

We who have been brought up in Christian homes are so blessed by God.  Yet, we are some of the worst examples of Christians.  Some of us take God so much for granted that we literally forget He’s there!  Then we look in the direction of the world and say, “Hmmm, that looks new and interesting.”

Keep God in your life!  Love Him and have faith and complete trust in Him, and He will watch over you at all times.

But don’t forget to change your way of life to His glory also.  Would you keep a friend who talked to you only in private, but ignored and even made fun of you in public?  Well, God sure won’t.

There might be a couple of you reading this and thinking, “okay, like what is the point?  This is nothing compared to having fun.  Man, the chick who wrote this must be a real Holy Roller.”

But I don’t care.  And I will pray for you, because the relationship that I have with God makes me so joyful and thankful at times, that I feel for a moment lifted out of this painful world.  I wouldn’t trade anything for the love of God.

Yours in Christ,

Shari R. Brummel



Dear Shari,

I want to thank you for writing to the Beacon Lights.  In this way you encourage others to write to us.

It is my hope that our young people read all of the articles in the Beacon Lights.

As a staff, we take note of your suggestions to have more articles on why we don’t do something bad and why we wouldn’t want to do something bad.

When a person having authority from God tells you “Stop what you’re doing, that’s wicked,” he or she does so out of a love for the Holy God and out of love for you.  They need not explain to you why it is wicked, although a sanctified explanation often helps a young person to see why we don’t do something wicked and why we wouldn’t want to do something wicked.  The failure of a young person to heed these godly admonitions will mean that young person, as you state, “will most likely get caught deeper and deeper into a life of sin.”  And that’s one reason why the admonitions are given, to keep that further falling into sin from happening.  You experience God’s love for you through those in authority correcting you.

The book of Proverbs was written by King Solomon to his young adult son. Solomon’s purpose in writing Proverbs was “that the generation to come might know them [God’s wonderful works]…that they might set their hope in God, and not forget the works of God, but keep his commandments” (Ps. 78:6–7). Throughout the book, Solomon […]

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