Contending for the Faith

We as Protestant Reformed young people have a blessed heritage. Will we sell our birthright as Esau for a mess of Pottage? Ask yourself how much your birthright as a child of God and inheritance as an heir of the promise mean to you. Are you willing to content for the faith once delivered to […]

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Righteous in the Lamb’s Blood

The tripartite image of God in man consists of knowledge, righteousness and holiness. Man through the fall irretrievably lost the threefold image. Like a cracked bucket that cannot retain water so was the innate ability of mankind to be image bearers damaged beyond repair like the bucket so that he could no longer bear the […]

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Holiness Unto the Lord

We as New Testament Christians are anointed by the Holy Spirit to the three-fold office of all believers: prophet, king and priest. In these offices we are but a shadow of the triune God Who is our eternal Prophet, Priest and King (Revelation 1:6). Through the fall we lost the image of God necessary to […]

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