The Tongue is a Fire

Bullying has become a problem in schools across the country. It is talked about by the news media. Many books are available on the topic. Almost every state has passed anti-bullying laws and many schools are mandated by the state to adopt anti-bullying policies. Despite all this attention and even legislation, bullying continues. As Christian […]

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What Churches Need More Than Anything (3)

What is most indispensable for a church institute is that its membership has a thorough and accurate knowledge of the truth. In previous articles we have seen that this is exactly what most churches are lacking today, while it is at the same time what we as Protestant Reformed churches have been so richly blessed […]

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What Churches Need More Than Anything (1)

Generally speaking, churches are in trouble today. Many congregations and most denominations are losing members. They are shrinking rather than growing. Especially tragic is the fact that they are losing their young people, so that there is a gradual graying of the pew. Many of these shrinking congregations are also not very attractive to those […]

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