Unthankfulness – A Root Sin

  Introduction 2 Samuel 24 records David’s sin of numbering the people.  David’s act of numbering the people was a grievous sin.  The awful consequences of his sin certainly underscore how grievous a sin it was.  David’s sin was grievous because at bottom it was the sin than which there is none greater for the […]

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Called to the Ministry

The Ongoing Need First, some facts and figures.  Fifteen of the thirty-five active ministers—nearly one-half—are approaching or are older than sixty.  In the next ten years or so, these ministers will need to be replaced.  Of the thirty-five active ministers three are serving as missionaries, three are teaching in the denominational seminary, and one is […]

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Contending for the Life of Faith

What kind of life are you living? Are you living the Christian life? Can you say that? Can you say that before the face of God? Can you say that in all honesty before your own conscience? Do you want to live the Christian life? Is that really the desire of your heart? Do you pray to […]

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