The Office of All Believer

Question and Answer 32 occupies a blessed location in our Heidelberg Catechism. It comes in the middle of a section that is all about our Savior.  Q&A 31 asks, “Why is He called Christ, that is, anointed?”  Q&A 33 asks, “Why is Christ called the only begotten Son of God?” But between them is Q&A […]

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Diverse or Perverse? Today’s Diversity Agenda

Each era of world history has not only its own notable personalities and events, but also its own leading ideas.  These ideas shape every sphere of man’s life in the world so that the religion, ethics, politics, literature, and music of each historical period are all governed by the intellectual side of man.  We are […]

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Chastity, College, and Covenant Daughters

Have you noticed how frequently the word strategy is used today?  Corporate, public, and ecclesiastical life are strategy-driven.  Politicians tell us we must have strategies to alleviate poverty, to fix failing schools, and to advance minority rights.  The list is seemingly endless and, of course, they all involve spending more of your and my money.  […]

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