Disabilities and the Suffering of Job

I read with interest three Beacon Light articles (June and July 2011) on the subject of the disabled. Two articles by Karen Daling, who now suffers from multiple sclerosis, analyzed her feelings, including the four ways fellow Christians have reacted to her disability: the avoiders, the Pollyanna encouragers, the mourners, and the listeners. One article by Stephanie […]

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History Relocation

Dear Editor I am very much enjoying the reminiscences of the late Rev. Cornelius Hanko in the Beacon Lights as edited by his granddaughter, Karen Van Baren. In Chapter 2, which appeared in the July 2005 Beacon Lights, I happened to notice an error on the map on page 8. Eastern Avenue Church (Eastern Avenue […]

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Should Publishing Be Your Calling?

On the back cover of the August/September 2002 Beacon Lights, Editor John Huizenga has a questionnaire in which he asks for suggestions to improve the magazine. He has often invited young people to contribute articles and join the staff as well. This opens up a topic that is bigger than just the needs of Beacon […]

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