Bullying: A Survey

Before you begin reading this article I want to preface it by confessing that this was one of the most challenging things I’ve ever had to write. I received so much emotional feedback, and because many individuals responded with such powerful and painful words, some even bringing me to tears. Thank you for sharing your […]

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An Unsettling Study

Before reading this article, it would be beneficial to read Mark Hoeksema’s editorial from the May issue of Beacon Lights. What you read in this article may shock you. It may be something you’ve never taken into consideration. Or it may be something your parents are constantly badgering you about. Whatever the case may be, […]

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Amazing Grace: Lessons I Learned from my Grandma

Grace Schimmel was born August 27, 1926 to George and Nellie Kamps. Over the course of her long and full life, she had seven children, 31 grandchildren, and over 50 great-grandchildren. Her past times included lively card games with friends and family, heated debates around the dinner table, Dutch bingo, and painting (which she was […]

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