Hello again friends in Christ,

Plans for the 1972 PRYPS convention are advancing steadily and so is the time of course; but, although we are looking forward to the convention we don’t want you to come too quickly. The dates which were published in our last letter in the Beacon Lights were a mistake. The convention will convene in Loveland on Monday, July 24 and will end in the Estes Park YMCA camp on Friday, July 28. We anticipate the ar­rival of the charter flight from Grand Rapids before noon on Monday and registration will take place at Loveland’s Lakeside Park from 1:00 p. m. to 4:00 p. m. If this scheduling necessitates that some of you arrive here prior to the weekend to avoid Sunday travel we will be glad to make arrangements for you. Please inform us in advance if you plan to be here early by writing to: Dennis Griess, 0021 Mossycup Court, Loveland, Colorado 80537. Also if you have any problems on or before your arrival here you may call 607-5676 or Rev. Engelsma at 667-1347. The secretary of the Loveland Society is Pat Dotson and her address is 1068 E. 1st St., Loveland, Colo­rado 80537.

Monday evening supper will be served at the Loveland High School cafeteria fol­lowed by a sports mixer and swimming. Due to the crowded conditions for lodging in Loveland on Monday night we ask that as many of you as possible bring a sleeping bag along, advisably with your name at­tached. Also, since the nights in the moun­tains get rather chilly, you should bring along some warm clothing in addition to your regular summer wear. Tuesday morn­ing, after the pancake breakfast, we will leave for the mountains.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday morning will then be spent ex­clusively in the mountain park of the Estes Park YMCA camp. Registration fees will be $10.00 which will include banquet and outing tickets and there will be small in­dividual fees for use of such facilities as the bowling alley, roller rink, horseback riding, swimming pool, etc. In addition to the traditional east-west ball game, there will be east-west football and basketball games, bring your racket if you are a tennis fan for there is a court available.

There will be two sections of discussion groups, one concerning the signs of the last times and another dealing with what the saints will experience in the new heavens and earth. Papers on these subjects should reach your individual societies so that you may have some contact with the subject before the convention.

An informal meeting will be held one evening during the convention for all those interested in literary matters. We ask you to form some ideas on the practicalities of a Protestant Reformed literary guild or some such endeavor and we urge that any of you who write to bring some of your pieces to share either at this informal meeting or as a special number for the whole conven­tion.

We, the young people at Loveland, are filled with hope for a real good time in Christian fellowship and spiritualness at this convention. The arrangements of having everyone stay at the camp and having al­most all the activities at the camp add to the possibilities of great Christian- spiritual fellowship. We desire that all of you planning to come to the convention keep these goals in mind as you prepare your heart and soul for the convention. As you pre­pare yourselves, think about and read con­cerning the theme, “Come, Lord Jesus.” Through prayer and God’s grace we believe that everyone will be spiritually benefited by this convention and that our God and Father will be glorified. The Lord willing, we will be waiting eagerly for your arrival.

Yours in Christ,

Loveland Protestant Reformed Young People

Greetings Protestant Reformed Voting People,

The Protestant Reformed young people of Loveland, Colorado hope that all of you who are able will come to the mountains with us this summer. We are preparing plans for a convention which will be held in the YMCA camp near Estes Park on the 17th through the 21st of July. We are preparing plans for a convention which we hope will be as spiritually impressive as the towering mountains are physically im­pressive. We hope to provide an occasion during which we, as young disciples of Christ, will intensively experience the power of the Holy Spirit through study of the Word, and will be able to share and vali­date this experience through personal inter­action with other young people. We think too, that the beauty of the mountains will be conducive to emotional and spiritual openness.

The main theme of our convention is “Come, Lord Jesus” and we hope to con­centrate our thoughts around the events and experiences of the last days when Christ shall return to the earth to conquer and judge. We have divided this theme into three speech topics which deal with Jesus’ Quick Coming (by Rev. D. Kuiper), the Church’s Outlook on the Future of the Earth (by Rev. R. Moore), and the Saint’s Life of Waiting for the Lord (by Rev. R. Decker).

The discussion groups will also focus on what is involved in the last things. We hope that you will consider and study a bit of eschatology before you come this summer so that we all can share intensely in the anticipation of our Lord’s second coming. Of course, some study of the book of Revelations is basic to any thought on this subject and one very thorough and practical exposition of John’s prophetic vision is Behold, He Cometh! by Rev. H. Hoeksema. Also we would like to recommend Augustine’s City of God, especially the last chapters. No Exit, by Jean Paul Sartre, might provide an interesting, comparative, although god­less approach to eternity. More detailed and particular information will be made avail­able later on as to the format and suggested outlines for the discussion groups but we do hope that you will come prepared to be involved in a whole attitude of expecta­tion and will then leave more prepared to meet the faces that you meet in death’s dream kingdom.

Most of the convention (except for Monday) will be held high in the Rocky Mountains. The YMCA facilities near Estes Park will provide a concentrated area for our activities. Most of the usual perennial activities such as the- East-West ballgame, the banquet, the mass meeting, etc. will be included in the schedule as well as, we hope, a few surprises. The camp also has dor­mitories where we will stay, a swimming pool, hiking trails, and facilities for horse­back riding, bowling, tennis, and many other sports. A precise outline of events will succeed this letter. We hope that this impressively beautiful and convenient loca­tion will be conducive to a spirit of con­centration, enjoyment, and fulfillment at least equal to that of previous conventions. We sincerely hope that the providence of the Holy Spirit will allow all of you to come with us to the mountains this summer and pray, not for the mountains to fall on us and cover us, but, with a shout of joy, come. Lord Jesus!

Yours in Christ.

Loveland PRYPS

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