Letter to a Young Lady in Waiting

Dear Young Lady in Waiting,   To be honest, writing this letter makes me really nervous.  You see, I’m married.  And someone already told me that because I’m married and you’re single, you might not even read this.  This is a mismatch of sorts…a married person writing to you about your single life.  So who […]

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Letter to a Dating Young Woman

Dear Friend,   So, you’re dating.  I heard he’s a pretty cool guy, and easy on the eyes too.  Oh, and he’s on the soccer team, and he gets good grades, huh?  I bet you love hanging out with him.  Those dating years are so much fun.  So, are you going to marry him?   […]

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Crazy Love

Crazy Love Book Review   I begin this review with a bit of trepidation, because after stalling and procrastinating for weeks on end, I still can’t decide if I’m going to recommend that you read this book.  Crazy Love was (and still is) a conundrum to me.   Our summer book club chose Crazy Love, […]

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