He’s Always There

In the dark of the night when I was lonely and sad I sought the Lord but to me it seemed He wasn’t there and I grew afraid that maybe I had overstepped the limit and sinned against His holy name so much that He could never again forgive me. So I hung my head […]

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A Most Wonderful Gift

I have a gift It was given to me not wrapped with ribbons or bows no, it’s not even tangible it is the most glorious gift anyone could ever give Only, no one could give this gift No one human- Only God He gave me this gift And because of this gift I can live […]

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Uphold Me, Lord

Oh, dear Heavenly Father I sorrow all day long for the sins I have committed for all that I’ve done wrong. My sins are ever countless I’ve nothing for myself to say but thanks to Thee, oh glorious King for blessings day by day. Have mercy on me, oh Father, for this I pray to […]

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