Proud to be P.R.

In order to be proud of something in the true sense I will have to be thoroughly convinced that what I stand for is absolutely right and true. That means that no where in the world are there “truths” more in unity with Scripture than those that I believe in. I haven’t heard nor studied […]

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Energy Crisis

Not a truly unique idea is it? It seems that everything we do is connected with today’s energy crisis. Turn on the radio, read the newspaper, listen to the people around you and everyone you hear has something to say about our lack of energy. My concern has little to do however with petroleum, heat […]

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I’m OK-You’re OK

“I’m OK-You’re OK” by Thomas A. Harris, M.D. published by Harper & Row “I’m OK—You’re OK” is a study of Transactional Analysis or the structure of self in relationship to one’s future. According to Dr. Harris each person has a conflicting nature, which he illustrates in using a Parent-Adult-Child structure. To give a little insight […]

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