Lord, Make Me an Instrument

This prayer at times can become a cry. Life sometimes is so raw, so brutal. Its experiences, whether of death, defeat, or failure are often so difficult to deal with and so hard to face. Yet, we must face them. We are forced to look to see the tragedies in our own lives and in […]

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Birth Control — A Christian Alternative?

Silence reigns in the sunny, fourth grade classroom. Twenty-eight children read their textbooks and for a few moments I sit back and drink in these few precious, relaxing moments. For, working with children is one of the most difficult tasks I have ever undertaken! It is at such times as this reading time that a […]

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My God, Heal Me!

This article was written for all kinds of people – for those who live in a perpetual fear of being socially unaccepted, for those who are afraid to share themselves with others, for those who are too hard and calloused towards others to recognize the cry of a desperate life. It was written for those […]

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