Convention Memories

There were the “Welcome” flags on display along Main Street. There was the small group discussion that concerned itself with the topic “Smoking.” There were the winding trails through Newton Hills State Park. There was the night of the banquet, and there was the ever-present black and white sign on which was printed “Soli Deo […]

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A Greater Challenge

While attending Unity Christian High School in Hudsonville, Mich., Miss Lubbers won first prize for writing this essay in a contest sponsored by the National Union of Christian Schools. Judy is presently a freshman at Calvin College.   The challenge of Christian teaching, I wondered, what this vague but impressive phrase could mean and to […]

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The Storm

The skies above are dark and gray; It had been a dreary day; Coming would be a dark night, No moon or stars to give their light. Slowly the rain begins to fall; It seems a shower will be all, But then the winds begin to rise. Blowing clouds across the skies. A flash of […]

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